why im so dumb

  • Ajoutée 2 nov. 2020
  • getting goofy and honestly wacky in this one

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  • Ray Of Sunshine
    Ray Of Sunshine Il y a an +29

    Wait this isn’t your main channel...

  • Jayne's Kalimba
    Jayne's Kalimba Il y a an +3

    My biggest fear is one day Danny won't tell us what flavor his La Croix is.

  • kinderbuenoforirene
    kinderbuenoforirene Il y a an +2

    The fact that he was so disappointed when people didn't notice the baby before and also that it was the first question he answered just gives me the vibe that danny rlly cared about his baby plan and put effort into it lol. Baby was underrated just saying 😌

  • Q.L.
    Q.L. Il y a an +7

    Who's gonna tell Danny the pitched down version he just gave us would TOTALLY fit for tiktok because they love slowed songs, reverbed songs and covers?

  • mollie l
    mollie l Il y a an +2

    in the age of masks he really chose to go with the fake goatee

  • Jake Custer
    Jake Custer Il y a an +5

    “Is the boing boing sound too goofy for shaking your butt?” is probably one of the funniest questions I’ve ever heard

  • Mushfiq
    Mushfiq Il y a an +6

    He also has a third channel called Drew Gooden where he's less goofy and less wacky with 0 hint of le croix

  • Kaylee Keen
    Kaylee Keen Il y a an +11

    next time he acts like a different person we should just play along and act like we dont know its him

  • Harrison Baucom
    Harrison Baucom Il y a an +5

    I personally like to think you've disguised yourself hundreds of times, and these are just the only two times your fans have caught you.

  • Britta Brittsky
    Britta Brittsky Il y a an +4

    The boing boing sounds when you threw that cake was what solidified this year for me Ned

  • ////
    //// Il y a an +1

    Imagine Danny tries to disguise himself again but the disguise is just Drew pretending to be Danny pretending to be Drew

  • Lindsey Miller
    Lindsey Miller Il y a an +775

    idk why but danny saying “hello” in the most normal voice to peanut was just so wholesome

  • Dancc Productions
    Dancc Productions Il y a an +2

    Lol this guy is such a faker, he’s saying that he is Danny and Ned flames. I’m onto you Drew Gooden 👀

  • y3dw4rds
    y3dw4rds Il y a an +2

    Danny really doesn’t understand how funny he is even when he’s not trying

  • Miss Music
    Miss Music Il y a an +757

    Theory: Drew is really his disguise and he's been fooling us for years

  • Drew Mills
    Drew Mills Il y a an +824

    Even if Danny hired someone with a different voice to sing his song for him, it would still be recognizable. Danny's songs just have a certain sound to them.

  • Nichole Parker
    Nichole Parker Il y a an +663

    The irony that the deeper version sounds like half the popular tiktok songs ...

  • Globalistconspiracy
    Globalistconspiracy Il y a an +272

    I never want him to stop poorly disguising himself. The disappointment when he figures out his fans figured it out is hilarious.

  • Molten
    Molten Il y a an +622

    the 'boing boing' sound effect when the song goes "she just throwing that cake" reminds me of Billion Surprise Toys

  • Alannah Robertson
    Alannah Robertson Il y a an +4

    EVERYONE next time he pretends to be another person don’t tell him we know it’s him, let him think he’s got away with it!