Reacting To Your Videos

  • Ajoutée 18 avril 2020
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Commentaires • 6 606

  • Driming
    Driming Il y a 2 ans +6

    The amount of la croix Danny has been drinking/showing makes me feel like la croix is holding his family hostage and if he doesn’t drink 5,000 la croix he’ll never see them again...Danny please blink twice if you need help

  • Joy
    Joy Il y a 2 ans +14

    Danny seems like a cool dude, he should make his own channel.

  • moony
    moony Il y a an +4

    i think we can all agree that a laura and amanda collab would hit so hard

  • hannah hatcher
    hannah hatcher Il y a 2 ans +5

    the sighing kid was just danny in the fan fic story when he would just gasp

  • stfu hailey
    stfu hailey Il y a 2 ans +8

    danny: "and this is my wife-"

  • super bored grace
    super bored grace Il y a an +1

    okay no one come at me but laura looks like the female version of drew...

  • TJ Kerrell
    TJ Kerrell Il y a 2 ans +9

    Hey Danny, I was the Minor Inconveniences guy. I’m honestly just shocked that of all the submissions you picked my stupid video. I’m actually pretty happy with a 7, but I’ll make those sighs a little less pleasurable 👍 In all seriousness, thank you for taking the time to watch my video and review it. This made my day and I can’t stop thinking about it ❤️

    SP3CTRA Il y a 2 ans +2

    Pineapple man had me laughing more than I wanted to admit.

  • Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag
    Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag Il y a 2 ans +11

    I’m so happy to see Amanda safe after her tragic death in Afghanistan 🤧

  • PierceMyGuy
    PierceMyGuy Il y a an +1

    The little dip in Danny’s hair is driving me crazy

  • Idiots of Wisdom
    Idiots of Wisdom Il y a 2 ans +1

    Laura: how many robbers do you know?

  • peas
    peas Il y a an +559

    ok but are we not gonna talk about how danny looks at laura throughout the video

  • avery jordan
    avery jordan Il y a 2 ans +2


  • Ginger Dog
    Ginger Dog Il y a 2 ans +1

    The facial expressions Laura does at

  • Q.L.
    Q.L. Il y a 2 ans +1

    Laura and Danny’s dynamic is what all married people should strive for

  • Marvelous
    Marvelous Il y a an +397

    His wife has such a weird name, who would name their child Yanny.

    CRAZYRAINBOWFART Il y a 2 ans +3

    If La Croix sponsors Danny, we wouldn’t even know.

  • Evi Pichardo
    Evi Pichardo Il y a an +989

    i like how like Kurtis girlfriend is like the girl version of him, Drew's wife is the girl version of him, Cody girlfriend is the girl version of him, And Laura is the girl version you also. HOW DO I FIND THE OPPOSITE OF ME.

  • Cesar Bayona
    Cesar Bayona Il y a 2 ans +6

    I love how all these youtubers that are married have one thing in common: when they do videos by themselves, they want to make their audience laugh; but when they do a video with their partner, they only want to make them laugh. It's really cute to watch, honestly. This is a really good video.

  • Elliptical
    Elliptical Il y a 2 ans +4

    Fun fact: the “one subscriber special” girl now has 10.9k subscribers and it’s only been two weeks. And she did a video for every 5 subscribers 😂 (up to about 65 I think)