la croix tier list

  • Ajoutée 29 juil. 2020
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    i rank the drank

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  • Emma
    Emma Il y a an +1

    Imagine: Now, let’s talk about our sponsor for today,

  • Jack Mansmith


  • DBM
    DBM Il y a an +2

    Drinking a La Croix is like trying to remember a distant memory while someone is hissing next to you

  • Joey Russo
    Joey Russo Il y a an +657

    About the coconut: "it kinda has that sunscreen kinda taste..."

  • bob the tomato in a maid dress l

    alternate title: danny explaining how he and his siblings were the powerpuff girls for five minutes.

  • ∆1518Z
    ∆1518Z  +142


  • Ellie R
    Ellie R Il y a an +2


  • Nicolas Rowe
    Nicolas Rowe Il y a an +6

    La croix drinkers be like "after the 64th time I tried it, I started to kinda like it"

  • Ainsley Gritter
    Ainsley Gritter Il y a an +2

    I’m very upset he didn’t mix them all together at the end for the almighty La Croix.

  • Kimberly H.

    I started seeing a lot of American youtubers drinking (or hating on) LaCroix. As a European I got SO confused because pure sparkling water, like flavourless, is absolute S Tier to most Europeans

  • V HS
    V HS Il y a an +2

    I'm making this comment with timestamps for when I come here for lacroix recommendations

  • Alexa Zisa
    Alexa Zisa Il y a an +313

    I love how Lacroix named it limoncello, a famously pungent, strong alcoholic drink, when literally all it is is cream Soda LMAO. It could not be less like limoncello.

  • Keith Counts
    Keith Counts Il y a an +4

    Danny: “Yeah the orange one tastes more like orange but the tangerine tastes more like a tangerine” Thanks Danny

  • Liz C
    Liz C Il y a an +1

    Me as a kid: "when I grow up I'm gonna be the president!"

  • Pikapower12 12
    Pikapower12 12 Il y a an +690

    I love how companies will use all English names for their flavors and then when they get to grapefruit they’re just like

  • Holly Hollyson
    Holly Hollyson Il y a an +722

    “If it does taste like a flower I don’t think I’m gonna like it cause that sounds gross”

  • JustRosie
    JustRosie Il y a an +2

    “I feel like I’m about to bust and not in a good way”

  • Jasmine Natasha
    Jasmine Natasha Il y a an +348

    Random funny weird story:

  • Roseisnotaflower
    Roseisnotaflower Il y a an +1

    Ok. Danny sounds like he’s dying right after he drinks it. He goes like “Yeah. This is... um.. good?”

  • Alex Moore
    Alex Moore Il y a an +944

    I'm confused how Danny has never heard of drinking sparkling water before, it's not that strange lol