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  • Ajoutée 23 févr. 2022
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  • maria florentina

    my favorite part is when he confidently read "future" as "furniture" and made the sentence even more chaotic than it is on its own. amazing work danny. keep it up

  • Abbi Alexander

    danny saying only he deserves the awards is like in the jeremy renner app when only jeremy could get stars

  • Holly
    Holly  +9

    Danny being upset at his community's lack of critical thinking skills is hysterical

  • Sam Green

    I love Danny not being afraid to call out his own community when they go too far or cross boundaries. Really cool of him to keep accountable for his fan bases actions and not pretend its out of his control or that it has nothing to do with him

  • AmaZane Channel

    That whole

  • Kevin Dominguez Lopez

    Now that's a youtuber. Mad respect for telling viewers and fans their place and making them understand their actions do have repercussion and that a video is just a video and nothing further than that needs to be said or done.

  • Behind The Mic

    "Can we get a little more critical thinking in the subreddit please" has to be the best line from a FRclipr reddit review, love that

  • toldiner

    "dogshit, fucked up shit, peeing in a bottle" is the funniest shit to me. i don't think ill ever laugh this hard again

  • Dr. Potato
    Dr. Potato  +897


  • Leo Creates 🎨🎵

    The “Dany Room” thing is so fucking funny.

  • mcgrewism
    mcgrewism  +795

    Having Danny refer to me as a "scoundrel" is a lifegoal I didn't realize I had until this video.

  • Hannah Baker

    danny's sarcasm towards being annoyed at people is getting scarily realistic

  • xfusee
    xfusee  +7

    Poor Danny. He's like a teacher who is frustrated that his students aren't applying themselves.

  • God
    God  +2

    Alternate Title: Danny passive aggressively comes at his fans for 19 minutes and 43 seconds straight

  • Azula Azula

    “I wish I was a real boy” ya guys when can Danny leave to be on his own? He’s got the whole world to see

  • Annika Oehlenschlæger

    I literally had a period where I would spend 9 hours a day watching Danny's videos from start to finish over and over again because I would watch/listen to them while I was at work... so...

  • overgrown
    overgrown  +945

    Danny was just so aggressive in this video, I was laughing SO much but seriously this video was a gold mine of comedy, I suppose he is in fact a comedian 😭😭💀

  • Its_kitti
    Its_kitti  +111

    i think danny should put his face on the lamp, but everythings blacked out, so when the light turns on only his eyes and mouth glow.

  • arī the samurai

    I love how Danny is still silently, passive aggressively boycotting la croix until he gets a sponsor

  • Leann 426
    Leann 426  +908

    The impressionist dude was dead on for everybody.. I’m sorry Danny but they were all accurate af💀