Ranking My Lookalikes

  • Ajoutée 6 mars 2020
  • ranking my lookalikes in a video

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  • RoboKat
    RoboKat Il y a 2 ans +2

    I wanted to say that we shouldn't judge Danny too much for not knowing how he looks like, because if you think about it, we don't look that much at our own faces...but then I remembered he edits his own videos. So there are no excuses for this, really.

  • moony
    moony Il y a an +3

    Danny: We got a first S tier. Everyone clap

  • Sydney Paunan
    Sydney Paunan Il y a an +4

    So we all agree Danny doesn’t know what he looks like but the pure chaos of Danny’s cropping and rotating and squishing is another thing entirely

  • moony
    moony Il y a an +9

    Im convinced now that danny would put a literal picture of himself in c tier

  • Clairey Fairy
    Clairey Fairy Il y a an +7

    He should get Laura to do this so we can get someone who’s actually seen his face do it

  • The Batpig
    The Batpig  +960

    Hear me out: Danny is not ranking all of them completely wrong, he’s just basing them off of how much they look like Drew. Taking the joke to the next level. Or maybe he just made a completely wrong tier list idk

  • Dusty
    Dusty Il y a an +9

    Now I'm absolutely convinced Danny is a vampire because he has clearly never seen himself in a mirror or photo before

  • Fox Gaming
    Fox Gaming Il y a an +10

    Everybody in the c tier: looks exactly like danny

  • Kateydraws
    Kateydraws Il y a an +1

    A picture that looks exactly like Danny

  • haley p
    haley p  +1

    i feel like this would be more accurate if laura did the ranking

  • tsukishima the alcoholic

    if u showed danny a photo of himself hed probably say “this person looks slightly like me”

  • gulfbut
    gulfbut Il y a an +787

    It feels like Danny looked at a mirror right after he woke up, got a vague idea, then just assumed everything else.

  • CLetícia A S
    CLetícia A S Il y a 2 ans +2

    Danny be like:

  • spiritua1ed
    spiritua1ed Il y a an +12

    the car mechanic that is clearly Danny’s long lost twin brother

  • mcyqts
    mcyqts Il y a an +2

    i’m convinced these aren’t lookalikes, they are just danny at his different jobs.

  • Dub Gaming
    Dub Gaming  +107

    I’m convinced that Danny hasn’t looked in the mirror in 10 years

  • Mortal Sphere DEMA
    Mortal Sphere DEMA Il y a an +11

    I don’t know if Danny has ever actually seen himself before

  • littleloser

    "sometimes I think I have blonde hair"

  • Max Gray
    Max Gray Il y a 2 ans +5

    Danny: Pulls up near spitting image himself, “This one doesn’t look like me”

  • Rainbow Lemniscate
    Rainbow Lemniscate Il y a an +5

    Get all the clones together and do the “We are 83 different people” tour