am i millenial or gen z

  • Ajoutée 29 avril 2021
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  • tonitalks
    tonitalks Il y a an +9

    let’s be real, as soon as Danny went to find a Buzzfeed quiz he confirmed his status as a millennial 😅

  • Alice C
    Alice C Il y a an +3

    kurtis when danny hasn’t watched “date my mom” and “room raiders” : 😔

  • Abby Galloway
    Abby Galloway Il y a an +1

    Danny searching up a quiz if hes a millennial or not on BuzzFeed is the equivalent of me searching up an am I gay quiz.

  • LavenousForever

    There already is a generation after gen z 😅 it’s gen alpha. Anyone born after 2012 is gen alpha

  • seeyoulateralligator
    seeyoulateralligator Il y a an +5

    growing up as a poor gen z is weird cause you can relate to a lot of the “millennial only” experiences

  • BatgirltheRobin

    As someone born in 1995, I think this whole generation feud ( when taken beyond a joke ) is just stupid and divisive for no reason lol every generation ever has thought they were the best and they’ve always been wrong

  • Zilba Follie
    Zilba Follie Il y a an +3

    The "feud" between Millenials and Gen Z literally only exists on Tik Tok btw. For the most part, we both vibe together.

  • Daniel
    Daniel  +4

    “This quiz is straight up wrong”

  • stressedenby
    stressedenby Il y a an +6

    i now desperately want to see what danny looked like in his emo phase.

  • Tristan Govender

    If he didn't say he was a millennial and if I never see his wedding ring I would simply think he is probably like a 17 year old boy who is younger than me.

  • El ꨄ
    El ꨄ Il y a an +2

    Fun fact: the new generation name is Gen Alpha and it’s already started

  • Mel
    Mel  +448

    Me, hears "tic toc"

  • Revelia
    Revelia Il y a an +5

    I can't stop thinking about Danny saying he remembered being in a boy scout

  • omgthisissoawesome
    omgthisissoawesome Il y a an +1

    I'm only one year older than Danny, but watching this made me feel like a middle-aged woman

  • annag cocl
    annag cocl Il y a an +1

    “Grandpa. Why do we call you grandpa when you’re our dad?” - Danny Gonzalez Jr., 2040

  • Silvana Isevi

    When you hear the word “Milli” what do you think of?

  • SpeedyBasket5
    SpeedyBasket5 Il y a an +783

    Danny: “I hope I’m gen z,” “I’m in the middle” “I need to take this test”

  • pepperama
    pepperama  +27

    The irony is that description of gen z was, I swear to god, word for word how everyone described millennials (when they weren't just shitting all over us, at least) up until like 3 years ago. Almost like there is actually no difference except our ages and all of this is made up nonsense?

  • Inni The Otaku
    Inni The Otaku Il y a an +6

    I love how his conclusion was basically “im a millennial but like....a cool one”

  • Jackie Diaz
    Jackie Diaz Il y a an +554

    I love how these are all very Americanized, it’s universal but only in the US