Trying Tactical Products

  • Ajoutée 15 févr. 2021
  • this video is about trying tac products is what i'm doing in this video
    thanks to Christian for filming

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  • Red Panda
    Red Panda Il y a an +6

    It’s so uncomfortable to see Danny doing adult things like driving, because it’s near impossible to view him as anything other than a 13 year old little boy.

  • Birrock4
    Birrock4 Il y a an +16

    I've never seen this guy in my entire life, and the first thing he does is scold me for not knowing this was his second channel, epic

  • K- Town
    K- Town Il y a an +7

    His basement basically being empty other than the nutcrackers is disturbing

  • Bethany Willis
    Bethany Willis Il y a an +6

    “Military grade means cheapest thing the military could mass produce” - My Dad, in the military

  • Boston Ostricki
    Boston Ostricki Il y a an +2

    What would happen if you went to use the TacBat for self-defense, but the intruder was wearing the TacVisor???👀😳

  • TheStapleGunKid
    TheStapleGunKid Il y a an +1

    It's a good thing the tac-wallet is bow and arrow resistant. I can't tell you all the times I keep getting ambushed by random archers who shoot arrows at my wallet.

  • Anya Naylor
    Anya Naylor Il y a an +3

    I never realized how ingrained not eating silica gel packs was into my brain until my whole body had a visceral reaction to danny putting one in his mouth briefly

  • SirDurtle
    SirDurtle Il y a an +1

    I love how the tac bat is marketed as "the perfect way to defend your home" but seriously it's perfect for any burglar

  • Arson M
    Arson M Il y a an +1


  • aka ao
    aka ao Il y a an +1

    Seeing a creeper tied up in a basement hits different after the music video.

  • Samuel FlaBra
    Samuel FlaBra Il y a an +2

    Dannys basement looks like somewhere a serial killer would torture his victims...with a taclight. The taclight killer on the loose.

  • Lauren H
    Lauren H Il y a an +2

    Danny x creeper: enemies to lovers (slow burn)

  • Abbey Royael
    Abbey Royael Il y a an +2

    No one:

  • Sol T
    Sol T Il y a an +5

    Dang, Danny got a T on his steering wheel... that means it’s a Tac Car.

  • Caroline Ford
    Caroline Ford Il y a an +2

    Plot twist: this is the creeper’s basement and Danny was the attacker the entire time.

  • Adrian Maliackel
    Adrian Maliackel Il y a an +823

    The creeper in the basement has a completely new meaning now...

  • Kaunoe
    Kaunoe  Il y a an +926

    Y’all really out here sleeping on the fact Danny’s basement looks like an insane asylum room-thing, with the padded walls and such.

  • molly
    molly Il y a an +462

    it’s a little awkward coming back to this video where Danny is beating a creeper after his new song dropped..... pretty kinky Danny......

  • Lily R.
    Lily R. Il y a an +5

    The more I learn about Danny's personal life the more I get confused about Danny

  • Sierra Moser
    Sierra Moser Il y a an +1

    Laura’s voice got deeper. Good for her