pixar stop making your characters look like me

  • Ajoutée 23 nov. 2021
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  • 2 Danny 2 Furious

    my dog scratched my face that's why it looks like that

  • didi
    didi  +15

    I am so glad we adressed how attractive Danny is. Now let's never speak of it again.

  • Nadia George

    Danny’s always been hot but I think we don’t talk about it cause we love him for his content and his humor, looks aren’t even a considerable variable in why we love him. Him being hot is just a nice cherry on top

  • Sara Bezalely

    List of reasons Danny looks like so many cartoon movie characters

  • orangeoranges

    danny is too wholesome, which is why it's hard to act thirsty abt his looks bc it feels direspectful😭

  • Mia B.
    Mia B.  +6

    I have to constantly remind myself that Danny is an almost 30 y/o man and not a 17 y/o teenage boy

  • Arlo_Slater

    We don’t talk about how attractive Danny is because we respect Laura too much

  • Bubbijs
    Bubbijs  +4

    Respectfully, Danny is very handsome. But feels weird to comment on?? He’s married, I feel like he has kind and respectful fans that don’t comment on looks, and he gives brother energy tbh

  • Starikova T.V.

    the first thing Danny posted on SoundCloud: "Nice"

  • Malika A
    Malika A  +14

    Danny, you are objectively attractive. We just can’t say that cause we’re all Greg and this isn’t Alabama

  • Lela Gray
    Lela Gray  +940

    I actually get the “Am I Crazy or..” because that’s how I felt when I FIRST started watching Danny’s videos. I was searching through the comments for at least ONE person to mention it. But I never found one and I certainly wasn’t bold enough to say something. So, I think that’s the cycle: no one mentions it because no one else mentions it. And after I realized he was married, it made even more sense. And like a lot of people have already mentioned, his content is the focus. The content is why we come here. If he were a FRclipr whose content relied on his looks, then yeah, you’d probably see a lot more comments about that. But idk, you just kind of stop noticing it after a while.

  • Naud van Dalen

    The nutcracker didn't want to literally outshine Danny, so he killed the light bulb inside of him.

  • Lily Grace
    Lily Grace  +535

    Danny is very attractive in my opinion, we just don’t talk about because he’s a married man.

  • Charlotte H. Blackmon

    Danny: I'm kinda worried even that might be too distracting

  • qiana banana

    the fact that even danny rewatches the old collabs shows how great and timeless the vids are, i love rewatching old vids as well

  • laskin riubn

    I cannot stop looking at your hair Danny. It is just...A fricking cloud, I'm mesmerized.

  • Snaillover 100

    Danny appreciating his old songs warms my heart since a lot of artists tend to dunk on their old art. As a visual artist, I’ve always appreciated my older pieces and it makes me sad when people say their older stuff is cringy. I would like to hear the entire SpongeBob remix, it does slap

  • Kinsey Lise

    “I’m gonna kill Santa Claus” is SUCH a good song, genuinely. I seriously listen to it unironically very often, and multiple times at once. Also I always imagined “paws” to mean that the hoof is pawing at the snow on the roof.

  • noblesgirlcuttlefish

    Danny talking about how it’s narcissistic to go back and watch his old videos while making an entire video about just himself and his subreddit is too funny

  • Potatodim

    Danny is hella fine but I don't wanna make him uncomfortable so I just internalize it and I think we're all doing the same