We Are Not The Same Person (MUSIC VIDEO ONLY)

  • Ajoutée 18 mai 2019
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  • loggedanddied
    loggedanddied Il y a an +24

    imagine seeing a guy singing by himself about being two different people

  • Max Riley
    Max Riley Il y a an +4

    I love that they aren't even singing harmonies, they're just singing the same melody because that would distinguish between the two of them

  • wonydolls
    wonydolls Il y a an +16

    How to tell them apart:

  • catchylow

    Danny's editing is getting so much better! He made a whole song with just himself!

  • The extra fridge in your grandmas garage

    Plot twist: Drew and Danny aren’t real, both of them are just Kurtis in disguise

  • Weirdo Madness

    “My eyes are baby blue”

  • Little Miss Petra
    Little Miss Petra Il y a 2 ans +19

    Danny’s post production has gotten so professional. You almost feel like there really are two people in this video!

  • The Gaming Doggo
    The Gaming Doggo Il y a an +17

    Imagine two complete strangers become friends because the internet thinks they’re the same person.

  • Clara Schwartz
    Clara Schwartz Il y a an +18

    I’m surprised they never mention that they have the same initials.

  • ꧁ mischief managed ꧂

    I love how Drew isn’t even singing the “I am Drew” line. It’s so clear that they’re actually Laura and Amanda who have killed their husbands and become them. Laura is playing Drew and Amanda is playing Danny. The only thing is,the entire time both Drew and Danny were the same person. Danny just had some nifty editing skills. Laura and Amanda are wearing skin suits obviously

  • k
    k Il y a an +8

    How am I expected to believe “Danny” and “drew” aren’t just Amanda in a wig?

  • jaemin na
    jaemin na  +370


  • Mauro Pari
    Mauro Pari Il y a an +26

    a fact not many people know: They got married just so that they could rhyme lives with wives

  • Jayfluxx
    Jayfluxx  +11

    Another banger from Kurtis Conner.

  • I Leach Off Everything

    "we copy cody ko's" THAT LINE HAD ME CHOCK LAUGHING XD

  • ଘ nintendo ! ♡

    I love how Drew’s dreams are about destroying all the other commentary youtubers and accomplishing world domination and murder and Danny’s is just- not being mistaken as the road work guy from the road work vine

  • TheChadster79
    TheChadster79 Il y a an +12

    How to tell them apart:

  • Adam E.
    Adam E.  +110

    I can't believe danny has such good editing, he literally edited himself twice into a video.

  • Keito
    Keito Il y a an +12

    “My eyes are baby blue

  • Belovedbini
    Belovedbini Il y a an +4

    This sounds like a Christian song our choir teacher would make us sing