the weirdest youtube shorts i could find

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  • Kamron Goolsby

    I’m can’t get over how perfect his hair is all the time. That hair looks like it belongs to an animated character

  • S
    S  +2

    I love how progressively more aggressive Danny's outros are getting...soon he'll be flipping us off (in a gentlemanly way) to sign off.

  • Jonny Keegan

    Proposing to someone’s girlfriend in front of them, using

  • CAKE 0
    CAKE 0  +4

    Ughhh danny's little grey hair streaks are literally the coolest thing. They make him look like a devishly handsome movie villian

  • Salty Sauce

    I like this concept of a commentary channel like Danny just being completely neutral about the topic being covered and just being like “this exists I guess… bye”

  • Michael Branda

    Danny: You can tell he’s rich cause he’s wearing a suit

  • with a twist of lemon

    danny's aesthetic is definitely "newborn baby's nursery room"

  • doenut
    doenut  +7

    danny: talking about invisibility potions

  • Nutellakinesis

    The fact that people are surprised that Danny looks young when he's only 27 is baffling.

  • Tommy FPV
    Tommy FPV  +769

    As a non-native english speaker, I really liked how Danny pointed out "THE homeless veteran". His mocking made me think if I should put 'a/an' or 'the' in the future.

  • KT
    KT  +940

    ok but the doctor guy taking the ring out of military guy’s hands so HE could propose was legit so fucking funny

  • Rowan404
    Rowan404  +97

    It seems to be one of those oddly-specific fetish channels, with the fetishes in question being unwrapping, doctors, and military personnel.

  • Virus The virus

    danny really is aging backwards, he looks so much younger then he did a few years ago

  • Letterhead Studios

    Danny looks like he's about to be the next human actor in Blue's Clues and I cannot unsee it now.

  • Sara Silva
    Sara Silva  +795

    As someone who's clumsy and very unaware of her surroundings, I would totally have fallen for that kiddy pool prank 💀

  • no face
    no face  +286

    Him: "We love your pizza. You deserve it"

  • Elly wuzzup

    Well as Albert Einstein famously said "Time is relative. Spend an hour with a pretty girl it feels like a a weird YT short for a minute it feels like eternity."

  • chding zuure

    first of all, danny's british accent is cursed secondly, i want a t-shirt saying "i love naked women and pizza" but in an iconic lesbian way

  • Beep Boop

    the invisibility potion joke is like when people found the drew and danny being the same person joke and then latched onto that forever

  • The Amethyst Stone

    As someone from Utah, all the comments about Danny looking like a good little church boy are 100% accurate