the kyle scheele scandal

  • Ajoutée 17 déc. 2021
  • talkin about that kyle scheele scandal in todays new video

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  • 55
    55  +46

    I really like off-script Danny. He’s wild, he’s wearing a cardigan, he’s drinking the wrong brand of sparkling water, he’s wild and unleashed

  • ifollowrivers

    What I find extremely off putting is how easily he lies. He’s charismatic, smiling, laughing, being “relatable”, all while he’s purposefully manipulating his audience. Maybe it’s not that deep but I find it off putting.

  • Abigail Wollam

    I like how he’s all “I made a mistake” like homie isn’t it illegal to not disclose sponsorships? You can’t just accidentally break the law, especially when it’s a pretty central law for influencers.

  • Firstname bunchofnumbers

    Its also funny that he markets himself as a weirdo when he was very obviously chosen for being very vanilla and safe

  • Shella Boudhoo

    Danny: “I just don’t think it’s a long enough story to go on the main channel”

  • Meteor 752

    The thing is if Kyle and Kum and Go had just been patient and waited like, a month, no one probably would have found it sus, but because the meal was created in like, a day, a lot of people started to look into it. It's like a Dhar Man video, and this weeks lesson in patience

  • Sour Drop

    The combo of Danny's sweater & hairstyle makes me feel like I'm standing in my front yard listening to Danny, my upper-middle class golf dad neighbor, gossip about his tennis double partner.

  • Sus
    Sus  +2

    Danny: Why do creators try and be weird and goofy?

  • Brooklyn Christian

    danny’s hair looks like he spends hours in front of the mirror individually placing each strand of hair to his liking

  • Edwin V
    Edwin V  +1

    I've never heard of "Kum & Go" and I'm in disbelief that a gas station is allowed to have such a raunchy name

  • Labi
    Labi  +2

    Kyle is like the male embodiment of a "pick-me-girl". His content is just him saying "I'm not like other boys" I'm wEiRd and gOoFy.

  • Sophia Mock

    "a weirdo like me"

  • Lena Hawthorne

    This isn't even an original idea. A few years back, two kids secretly hung a fake ad poster of themselves in a McDonald's and no one noticed for like, two months. And as far as I know, that one wasn't faked or planned. Just a genuine story that went viral.

  • cady heron

    kyle seems like he never grew out of the “i’m so rAnDoM xD” phase

  • Jim
    Jim  +1

    "Oh my God, it's packed. *Fake laughter*" a single car is at the pumps and half the cars are employee cars.

  • TSK Nitemare

    The cringiest part of this is that the company is called Kum and Go. Might as well make a gas station called Pump and Dump, or Smash and Dash

  • Alexx Gillespie

    I would've been mad about the merch regardless of whether I found out it was staged yet or not. Who does this man think he is 😭😭😭

  • Daliah
    Daliah  +322

    for some reason, the fact that it was called a “kyle scheele meale” made me so angry

  • Kennidy Stephens

    "What are you in prison for?"

  • Dorian the Prophet

    One time I bought evaporated milk instead of condensed milk by accident and because I didn’t want to walk back to the store I bought it at because it was so cold and dark by the time I got home, I just sort of reverse shoplifted it at a different store where I went to get the actual condensed milk. I don’t think they even sold the evaporated stuff there. I’ve never felt more like I was doing something shady in broad daylight in my entire life