watching my first youtube video

  • Ajoutée 14 sept. 2020
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  • Mia Guido
    Mia Guido Il y a an +8

    i really love how danny's pal definitely looks middle school aged but danny looks like a toddler who is just really advanced.

  • CrappyPunkRock182
    CrappyPunkRock182 Il y a an +8

    "watching my first youtube video" can't believe danny's never seen a youtube video, he makes them all the time

  • M.P.D
    M.P.D Il y a an +1

    Danny: That’s just a guy in a tiger mask we got from the zoo

  • Laura Guthoff
    Laura Guthoff Il y a an +11

    This room has too many doors. I’m uncomfortable.

  • Łukasz
    Łukasz Il y a an +13

    We need to start a petition for Danny to recreate it with Kurtis and Drew

  • Depressed butter cat
    Depressed butter cat Il y a an +3

    The girl poured out her heart and soul into that acting scene.

  • Rachel M
    Rachel M Il y a an +9

    Are we sure Danny’s parents didn’t just lie to him about his age...

  • Susannah Reilly
    Susannah Reilly Il y a an +3

    wow. it’s so crazy that danny started youtube at 12 and now he’s best friends with the creator of youtube, Drew. time really flies

  • Tara O'Neill
    Tara O'Neill Il y a an +8

    12 year old Danny accidently made a psychological thriller where the horrors of addiction are represented through a tiger with a hammer.

  • Deafected
    Deafected Il y a an +1

    Danny’s oldest video has Avengers-level scripting with Nokia-level camera work and quality.

  • Kai_Posts
    Kai_Posts Il y a an +2

    When Danny started screeching and his friend hit the ceiling I was DYIIIING

  • LB B
    LB B Il y a an +7

    Can we talk about the girl in this video? She really pulled out all her acting skills

  • katherine
    katherine Il y a an +5

    So Danny has always looked 13 years younger than he claims he is...

  • Bella Monnich
    Bella Monnich Il y a an +4

    Somehow that video has a better plot than all of Riverdale.

  • Guy Torie
    Guy Torie Il y a an +1

    I love how the God of World of Warcraft had to hold his mask up to his face with one hand the entire time.

  • VvEris
    VvEris Il y a an +1

    Danny’s growth spurt gives me hope in myself

  • lovelyjuliexo •
    lovelyjuliexo • Il y a an +2

    “i was very small-“ Danny looks young for his age and his friend looks like puberty just slapped him in the face-

  • ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
    ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ Il y a an +639

    As a gag gift I bought my husband a pair of Heelys because he loved the ones he had as a kid.

  • ZeroFox75
    ZeroFox75 Il y a an +2

    Danny at age 13 looked like he was 5. Danny at age 25 looks like he’s 13.

  • Lily Ta
    Lily Ta Il y a an +1

    12-year-old Danny: smol and adorable, needs to be protected