bring me your fathers

  • Ajoutée 13 mars 2022
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  • Macayla Clements

    why did danny call them “inaugural dads” and not “founding fathers”

  • Cecily Griffis

    I love how in recent videos Danny is getting a little bit more unhinged and villain-y. I'm excited to see where this arc goes

  • fortunaflying

    danny's IMMEDIATE and DRASTIC expression change when he was rickrolled absolutely killed me at

  • Queen D55
    Queen D55  +660

    Lol i can’t tell if Danny was making a joke about the French horn, or if he genuinely didn’t know the instrument was called a French horn.

  • femto-kun

    the fact that you and your wife look equally perpetually 17 years old has me in a trance of awe

  • -chloe-
    -chloe-  +203

    danny: i don’t wanna get a PO box because i’m scared ppl would send me-

  • Faith Pelletier

    As a person who often finds myself mindlessly staring at album art while listening to music in public, I now feel very embarrassed.

  • Empathy Says

    Danny’s flat affect, comedian face-especially when he doesn’t do the nasally funny voice with his sarcasm-is so well practiced now I have to remind myself he’s not mean lol

  • Aubrey Swanson

    Now THAT was MY kind of party! Didn’t have to talk to anyone, didn’t have to leave the house, AND, I didn’t even need to put pants on! 10/10 would do again!

  • carolings
    carolings  +212

    I laughed so hard at the Rick Roll that my four year old daughter came over to me and gently said "Be quiet."

  • Daliya Loera

    Danny pronouncing Unus Annus wrong killed me a little, but the fact that he knew what it was revived me

  • Cici Calamity

    danny i want you to know that "i wrote haikus about cannibalism in your yearbook" is a band name and I hope there's even longer ones out there tbh. don't limit yourself to one or two words go crazy

  • The Last Channel on YouTube

    The way Danny reacts to nutcracker posts hits home for me, it’s like when a relative tries to get you a present, but they only know one thing about you. So they only get you gifts vaguely related to that thing, even when you’ve grown out of it.

  • J P
    J P  +569

    Danny calling Drew “Andrew Gooden” feels like he’s a dad about to talk about how he’s not mad, he’s just disappointed

  • bahamutzervn12

    Danny being an absolute villain about cable management is a pleasantly unexpected character twist, what a monster

  • leahbobeaa
    leahbobeaa  +472

    Danny's "mean" persona in these reddit videos actually gives me so much life.

  • keppa kappa

    I will always maintain that the best prank you could pull on someone is a good ol fashioned Rick roll. No one gets hurt or belittled, no messes to clean up, and the ridiculous lengths people go through to get people to fall for it all these years later makes it funnier every time. Congrats to the innovative greg that got Danny this time lmao

  • Scarlett Myers

    I was on a first date with a guy once and he let me shuffle through his music. I knew he was probably a decent guy when Slime came on and we then continued to bond over our mutual love of Greg.

  • Lor Reads.

    Danny doesn’t realize it, but he just RickRolled all of us as well.

  • Emma Matzkin

    Hey Danny, my sister Sarah and I love you and your content! It’s a huge way we bond and we always watch together when I’m home from college. She’s been really depressed lately so thanks for being someone that can still make her smile