Ratatoing fanfic??

  • Ajoutée 11 janv. 2022
  • someone made a ratatoing fanfic i guess?
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  • One Topic At A Time

    oh dang I thought Danny was really tall but now I find out Danny is regular tall

  • Mandy Huey

    Are we not gonna talk about how absolutely RAVISHING Danny’s hair looks in this video? Damn, son.

  • Scarxiett

    I swear Danny is the only FRclipr who can admit he's actually shorter than it says on his Wiki

  • Creo
    Creo  +1

    In case anyone wanted to know, as someone pretty familiar with fanfic trends/spaces-those ratatoing fic he showed are most definitely non serious, joke fic known as “crack fic.” People write them as jokes and to make fun of beginner fic writers and bad fic

  • Asia Palmer

    The irony of Danny talking about Vine like a distant memory and then not knowing about Wattpad is not lost on me 😭🤣

  • Kira Lonely

    As a trans guy, Danny being cis and looking so young brings me so much indirect euphoria and like eases fears about me looking so young that I'll out myself or something. :D Weird tangent, but got me thinking.

  • kayla!!!
    kayla!!!  +18

    plot twist: danny actually writes ratatoing fanfics in his free time but roasted it to divert the attention

  • spaghetto

    I love how Danny's initial thought was that he needed to bring someone in to be the daddy, rather than be the daddy himself

  • Soft Moth

    Now when Danny says he's hired people to help him post videos I can't trust him. He's gonna post a pic with his crew and they're all gonna slightly look like him. Don't think I've forgotten you saying you would successfully trick us, Danny.

  • Lynn JustLynn

    I went to the doctor's office once, and the lady at the counter asked me "Did you come here all by yourself or did somebody drive you?" and at first I didn't realize she thought I was like 12, so I was just like "oh, yeah, i drove here." then she said "do you need your guardian to sign these for you?" and I started to figure it out... was 25 at the time, so... I feel Danny on this.

  • Yawning Lion

    When he read "Greg x Marcel" my mind forgot that there was a character named Greg in the movie and thought it was a fanfic about the Gregs as a unit dating Marcel

  • Leon Mayne
    Leon Mayne  +454

    'But who would I get to let me be their daddy?'

  • DreamCatcher

    i thought those tattooes were fake, because we all know if danny ever actually got a tattoo it would be of the word 'greg' on his forehead.

  • Tyun's pectoralis major

    What if Danny keeps "cosplaying as various individuals with tattoos" just to cover up the fact that he actually does have tattoos now, since he's just embarrassed of his choices

  • Stardust
    Stardust  +379

    I feel your pain Danny, I’m 24 and I got 12 at the doctor the other day. They were trying to stop me from signing in without a parent or guardian until I showed my ID.

  • oona
    oona  +51

    Can we all agree that this is Danny’s best hair era

  • loading...
    loading...  +781

    To address the ballerina nutcracker swap: yes. it is most likely a reference to the ballet called the nutcracker. It would’ve been even funnier however, (at least to me because I dance) if they drew Clara who is the lead female in the ballet (the nutcracker is the lead male) so yeah 👏

  • hal.
    hal.  +338

    "someone on the disney writing team has a god complex"

  • Cassi Lyris

    Wow, influencer, gamer, electrician, AND airline pilot at the age of 12. Impressive, Danny. Good job!

  • Milena Kovalenko

    I am on a thin line between going to read the fanfic, and trying to forget it exists.