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  • Ajoutée 30 janv. 2022
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  • Angel Pup
    Angel Pup  +18

    With Danny's grey hair taking over his head and still looking young, he's gonna end up like the guy from the KFC romance movie

  • Mila Clarke

    Every single one of Danny’s videos is like a catch-up with your grandpa, it’s very nice and wholesome, but your granddad is also borderline senile so he goes on the weirdest tangents.

  • Kevin Arnold

    I'm a total dad fan. My daughters have got the whole family watching your content. Keep up the great work!

  • Nikola Wiśniewicz

    I'm so glad Danny isn't self conscious about his grey hair, it makes him look even better, adds this spice to his style

  • Kizface 3

    The fact Laura and Danny have matching Christmas jammies makes me want to die but in a good way.

  • Alphony
    Alphony  +971

    Guys Danny isn’t getting old, Elsa just struck him when he was a young child.

  • Heath 101

    danny calling 2016 “six years ago” absolutely haunts me

  • Ohhimanda
    Ohhimanda  +709

    Most people dealing with creepy fans: “guys, you need to stop. I’m uncomfortable dealing with this”

  • Mads D
    Mads D  +370

    “I just use whatever shampoo Laura buys” literally the most husband answer I’ve ever heard 😂

  • trans_ylvania

    danny's example of "too professional" being LED lights is sending me straight to hell

  • atu33 _
    atu33 _  +417

    as someone who's turning 16 and half my hair is literally white (genetics and stress is a scary thing) Danny being confident about his hair makes me feel better haha

  • paranoid android

    As a Brit, that pronunciation of "Gloucester" physically ripped my soul from my body

  • Thicc Astley

    i love how danny couldn’t find a picture of himself in his camera roll and thought “okay i’ll just try to find it on google”, what an underrated convenience of being famous

  • Jade Annabel

    The white streak thing is called 'poliosis.' I learned about it the other day, it's a genetic condition and is a decreased level or complete lack of melanin in the roots of affected hairs. don't know if this is the case, but after you mentioned your dad having it, it seems like a possibility.

  • Kalia Atwell

    Danny: "Follow the cat and you will find me."

  • Madie G
    Madie G  +92

    my favourite danny vine will forever be the "DIE FOR EACH OTHER" one while he's singing along to demi lovato

  • Float Grandpa Float

    The way Danny is holding that glass with his ring on makes him look like a cozy househusband

  • Floisnotonthego

    It would be nice if he (or his editor, if he's the one cutting it) could leave the artist's username in frame for longer when it comes to fanart! That way artists who make that art would be able to get a lil more following from people who like their style!

  • Mellow Nite

    Danny always having grey streaks just proves that he was the original e-girl

  • Ms Dancealot

    Honestly I like the second channel more than the first channel cause I feel Danny feels free to just be himself and not have to create a script and just do things he really wants to do without having to worry FRclip won't screw him over. You go Danny!