tiktok hates this song

  • Ajoutée 30 mars 2022
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  • Alex Melton

    Love that Danny is on Pop Punk TikTok

  • Jarvis Johnson

    spoken like a true prince of the glory days

  • featureEnvy

    This guy isn't even 2% as cringy as the shit we used to pass off as cool in the MySpace era

  • RoomieOfficial

    Great, constructive vid! I was surprised no one brought it up in the TikTok comments, but the song clip he’s using is eerily similar to the chorus of ”Kings & Queens” by Thirty Seconds To Mars, with ”Kings & Queens” being changed to ”princes & princesses”. Even if that’s a reference on purpose it’s too close for comfort. As you said, the rest of the song is also better! He’s got great potential for sure.

  • azu▪︎

    danny saying "its not easy defending you my guy." after seeing the joker poster in his room is the best part of the whole video

  • Wolfgang
    Wolfgang  +791

    "pellet gun kelly" had me rolling 🤣

  • Beth Ann Powers

    Honestly, I think 99% of the hate happened because he started the tiktok by saying "did I just write the next emo punk anthem?" or whatever. The hive mind had already sharpened their knives before he sang the first note.

  • Avi Hyman

    this video is the beginning of Danny's arc as a "social media dad." years from now, when hundreds of thousands of people are regularly seeking social media advice from Danny, they'll look back on this video as the inception of an era.

  • Bradley Griffiths

    Ugh. I’m so torn. On the one hand, I definitely feel bad for the dude because assholes on the internet

  • Lost Moon
    Lost Moon Il y a 28 jours +116

    As someone who was and still sort of is a part of the alt community it doesn’t surprise me how harsh people are being. The alt community is one of the rudest most gatekeeper communities which is why I’ve separated myself from it for the most part.

  • Blonde But Actually Brunette

    Never heard about this until now and I just listened to it. It sounds like Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars if it were watered down, filtered to the bare bones of lyrical writing, and also sung by Shane Dawson. In fact the choruses almost seems identical in melody if you listen to them multiple times.

  • kirakira
    kirakira  +436

    It's a bit ironic people on TikTok are upset over him saying he wrote an "emo" anthem when it's really just kinda-bad pop punk, when TikTok's watered down the emo subculture to just mean pop punk.

  • natafilmz
    natafilmz  +17

    I like this video so much. Just the message of being more tolerate to people trying to express themselves through their art and Danny’s support to this dude, who btw doesn’t seem to be a bad person, is just nice and cheerful. Thank you

  • KittiJewl
    KittiJewl  +839

    i think the biggest problem with the guy's music is he seems like a rhythm guitarist, the type that learned music through singing over acoustic guitar. which is great! but you cant always just take something that sounds good with acoustic guitar and vocals, slam it out on electric, and then sing louder and hope it works. ill bet you ANYTHING he composes on acoustic guitar, relying on his more practiced skills. i do that too, but it's not exactly easy to write electric guitar pieces with an acoustic instrument.

  • Samuel
    Samuel  +426

    Being truly honest here:

  • Andrea the Music Owl

    This guy could actually do well in goth rock , his voice I think lends more to it. His personality as well. He does NOT pull off the happy youthful thing well.

  • Nicole B
    Nicole B  +700

    I just wanna say I was an 'emo' kid in the 2000's and to this day I'm still I'm a huge fan of 2000's punk rock/punk pop, which this song is absolutely trying to emulate. It has a very nostalgic vibe for me and I really like the lyrics and the message. Yes, it is not perfect, and yes the song is corny as hell lol. From my perspective, what happened here is a lot of people who never participated in 'emo' culture in the 2000's felt like they needed to share their opinion without even listening to the full song. Just bad takes all around. This song doesn't deserve the hate.

  • ana rup
    ana rup  +53

    "Did I just reach meme status?" "Did I just compose the new emo anthem?" He's a bit too ahead of himself.. When I see people chase fame with even a hint of desperation it always makes me uncomfortable

  • Danicka
    Danicka  +11

    i really appreciate how danny gives so much empathy to people he covers. the earnest advice is really refreshing to see rather than just plainly making fun of someone

  • hipe
    hipe  +177

    the biggest mistake was the "did i just make the new emo anthem?", that immediately raises the standards of what to come next and by failing to live up to those expectations hes bound to get a more of a negative response than if he hadnt done that