• Ajoutée 26 mai 2020
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  • Dragon
    Dragon Il y a an +2

    You know she’s a real youtuber by the amount of times she says “Hey guys”

  • Noshin Chowdhury
    Noshin Chowdhury Il y a an +8

    Anyone else think Danny's "unstyled" hair actually looks really nice?

  • evandobrando
    evandobrando Il y a an +7

    On Danny’s third channel he likes to get a bit more serious, is extremely scripted, and drinks cherry coke.

  • Cosmic Breyers
    Cosmic Breyers Il y a an +10

    I’ve played episode and here’s my experience:

  • Sol T
    Sol T Il y a an +3

    Expectation: Danny makes jokes about episode

  • Future Soup
    Future Soup Il y a an +4

    Isn't "I sat in a room and smoked cigarettes for 60 years and then I went to high school and met you" basically the plot of Twilight

  • oki
    oki Il y a an +2

    You can tell it’s his second channel because everything is more goofy, including his hair.

  • foreverinyourdebt 1
    foreverinyourdebt 1 Il y a an +2

    I honestly can't tell the difference between his scripted and unscripted.

  • Moondust Manwise
    Moondust Manwise Il y a an +8

    That Shane Dawson reference sure aged like milk...

  • max bolliger
    max bolliger Il y a an +8

    He made 2 versions of Ellen Degeneres.

  • sk8 ain't str8
    sk8 ain't str8 Il y a an +3

    "she's perfect. she's beautiful."

  • Zeianaire Diamond
    Zeianaire Diamond Il y a an +765

    I love how Danny, Drew, and Kurtis all shout each other out even if they don’t think the other person will watch that specific video. It’s such a lowkey respect toward their friends that I love cuz they don’t even think about it.

  • 【A K I O】
    【A K I O】 Il y a an +19

    Sometimes I forget Danny isn't a 15 year old filming in his parents' basement that looks like a Disney character, and actually a married adult.

  • Rachel Su
    Rachel Su Il y a an +3

    I love how you made Skyler look like a rich, old, gay man who is being hit on by Mia who is an old, crackhead, but young at heart

  • Elizabeth Clemence
    Elizabeth Clemence Il y a an +4

    Danny: you have to do something really awful to get a decent amount of hate

  • Nezuko’s Bamboo
    Nezuko’s Bamboo Il y a an +2

    Episode is like if watt pad and gacha life had a horrifying baby

  • Aritri Chaki
    Aritri Chaki Il y a an +2

    I want Danny to never style his hair ever again.

  • Dawn of Danielle
    Dawn of Danielle Il y a an +2

    Danny looks like a completely different person with his hair long and unstyled... didnt even need a wig or hours of editing

  • Chelsey Caitlyn
    Chelsey Caitlyn Il y a an +5

    “Did you see Shane Dawson’s new video?”