episode 3

  • Ajoutée 20 nov. 2020
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  • 2 Danny 2 Furious
    2 Danny 2 Furious  Il y a an +4

    thanks to Ridge for supporting the channel! Here’s the site if you want to check them out!

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker Il y a an +3

    The creator saying that “the episodes are going to get longer” and having the story be discontinued has the same energy as reading a Wattpad story and the writer saying “I promise I’ll update next week” and then you find out it was last updated in 2016

  • Mpho Soane
    Mpho Soane Il y a an +4

    I like to think Chloe is out in the world studying a course in creative writing workng tirelessly so that she can return to episode, reclaim her throne and eventually buy and own episode

  • Gleam Ary
    Gleam Ary Il y a an +6

    Danny: makes fun of "peircing eyes"

  • my name is happy
    my name is happy Il y a an +3

    honestly god bless whoever this chloe person is. they seem so stressed out trying to make episodes and it seems like they’re really trying their best 🥺

  • I want pancakes
    I want pancakes Il y a an +6

    A more accurate title for the story would be “Teen romance but they mention FRclip a few times”

  • abby
    abby Il y a an +5

    the mom: yeah, since your dad died i feel like i haven't really been there for you

  • Sage Of Kings
    Sage Of Kings Il y a an +2

    People finding out Danny's full name is Daniel has the same energy as when my kid brother learned our uncle Danny's name was Daniel and he cried because he was convinced our mom was lying to him.

  • Jyo MCrow
    Jyo MCrow Il y a an +3

    *literally went on a date and kissing constantly and gets called "babe"

  • Emi M
    Emi M Il y a an +1

    It's just Danny's luck he ended up reading a permanent hiatus story

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia Il y a an +1

    Top 3 fears:

  • I'm a motherfreaking avocado

    I feel for Chloe man. I used to write fanfiction a lot, and getting chapters out used to be real stressful and I'd constantly apologise for my chapters being short. It's sad that they'll probably never finish their story, but I hope they didn't stress over making it too much

  • Kenny McCormick
    Kenny McCormick Il y a an +3

    Plot twist : Skylars dad is a rich vampire mafia leader.

  • Keith McCarthy
    Keith McCarthy Il y a an +6

    I'm convinced both Skylar and Mia are actually 60 years old and in an insane asylum that they think is a high school.

  • Miqwerty
    Miqwerty Il y a an +2

    I think Jess was supposed to be "Jeez" because that's literally the only explanation I have for an error that blatant.

  • Jam Platform
    Jam Platform Il y a an +930

    I can't believe after all this time being a Greg I never once considered that Danny's full name might be Daniel.

  • Mycelium
    Mycelium Il y a an +8

    “Your not like Leah and those girls”, Your right Mia isn’t like those other girls.

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy Il y a an +6

    I have a theory.

  • Maddie
    Maddie Il y a an +3

    People making fake Chloe accounts has real “Grandma, it’s me, Anastasia” vibes.

  • Shaia Lopez
    Shaia Lopez Il y a an +17

    Theory: Chloe is actually sticking to her promise this time and she’s been writing the next chapter for years now.