i love fanart!

  • Ajoutée 22 avril 2022
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  • 2 Danny 2 Furious
    2 Danny 2 Furious  Il y a 28 jours +1

    thanks to Dragon City for sponsoring this video! Download Dragon City for free, become a Dragon Master and claim the exclusive rewards:

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    “I think my ultimate goal is to have people who don’t know who I am start dreaming about me”

  • Walnarut
    Walnarut Il y a 28 jours +3

    that fanart's actually not bad. the shading is nice and if the proportions were fixed it would be a wonderful piece. heck even with the weird proportions it still has a funky little charm to it, and it's a good kind of funky, y'know?

  • main acc
    main acc Il y a 21 jour +1

    The reason Danny's eyes are bloodshot is because he's too busy being in other people's dreams he barely gets any sleep

  • Yann
    Yann Il y a 21 jour +1

    Aw, this update about Andy Negative really made me day. I hate that a lot of people seem to forget there are human beings on the other side of screen and are eager to even send d*ath threats over something they don't like or see as "cringe". Thank you Gregs for being awesome!

  • Hannah Davis
    Hannah Davis Il y a 21 jour +1

    I'm glad the dude that tried to create the emo anthem got really supported by us Gregs. Just cause someone makes a song that may not resonate with everyone doesn't mean they deserve the worst. They seem like a genuinely cool person and I'd honestly love to see more from em, a big emo fan myself. They got talent, regardless of whether the song was a bop or not, and that's still impressive in and of itself. Glad we got to show em some kindness because no one deserves to be that berated over a simple song. /gen /srs /pc

  • Pepper’s Theater [Adopt Me]
    Pepper’s Theater [Adopt Me] Il y a 21 jour +195

    He should get 4 separate pillows so people can get annoyed that one letter is too far away from the rest of the Greg

  • Jesse Uguccini
    Jesse Uguccini Il y a 28 jours +7

    I vote for Danny just randomly adding the “this video is over now” clip at the end of a video like 3 times/year and that’s it. Only for VERY SPECIAL OCCASIONS

  • Haylee J
    Haylee J Il y a 28 jours +650

    The “glossy” look the baby has is from erythromycin ointment that is put on all babies in the U.S. eyes right after birth to prevent eye infections. :)

  • C.Jewel Vlogs
    C.Jewel Vlogs Il y a 21 jour +354

    Dude. I love listening to the "this video is over now" song. Watching his videos feels like a fun time you spend with a friend. Then you gotta say goodbye to that friend. The song gives you that nostalgic feel good feeling reminding you that this is goodbye, but you'll hangout again soon. Makes me feel bittersweet everytime.

  • ananime1
    ananime1 Il y a 21 jour +216

    As a Charles who is also Greg, I have never felt so utterly betrayed by someone I look up to

  • Fathiya A
    Fathiya A Il y a 28 jours +591

    to be honest, that fanart was actually fairly good! sure, the proportions are a little messed up, but you can clearly see they drew danny's key features really nicely! if someone showed it to me with no context i would still be able to tell it's danny and that in itself is pretty hard to accomplish :)

  • midge ꔫ
    midge ꔫ Il y a 21 jour +88

    danny should just play the “this video is over now” clip at any random point in his videos for funsies

  • pogger omegalol
    pogger omegalol Il y a 28 jours +9

    I love when danny gets a bit wacky, a bit goofy, and a bit silly.

  • Lily Clough
    Lily Clough Il y a 21 jour +415

    Everyone knows that the bloodshot eyes are a common occurrence in sleep paralysis demons. Danny's just starting his transition, he should be proud.

  • TheYeetus14
    TheYeetus14 Il y a 28 jours +102

    Danny, everyone stays until the outro song is over. If they don't they're not a true Greg and they don't belong here.

  • Generic College Student
    Generic College Student Il y a 21 jour +103

    I'm so glad I found Danny's channels. I had never seen any of his content until last week, and I was super sick the whole week. Definitely brought a lot of laughs to my sad week!

  • smurphul23
    smurphul23 Il y a 21 jour +43

    Love how overwhelmed Danny gets with small decor decisions, very endearing, and relatable

  • cot
    cot Il y a 21 jour +46

    as someone who used to post my art but got discouraged by mean comments the support in this comment section for that persons fanart is really heartwarming 🧡

  • Shrubby
    Shrubby Il y a 28 jours +1

    If Danny won't put the song at the end of his videos then I'll just have to sing it myself when I finish them