what it's REALLY like being a youtube

  • Ajoutée 1 juil. 2020
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  • negative nancy
    negative nancy Il y a an +28

    that’s actually a really nice green wall, Danny

  • ʟɪᴢᴢʏ ッ
    ʟɪᴢᴢʏ ッ Il y a an +5

    all this time i thought Danny was a youtuber, but i come to realize he's actually the whole youtube

  • Gregory Peyton
    Gregory Peyton Il y a an +2

    "Kinda tastes like the rind of the watermelon."

  • Zachary McCue
    Zachary McCue Il y a an +2

    "I use to know what day it was based on when Laura was home or at work"

  • addy bishop
    addy bishop Il y a an +1

    He ALMOST got a la croix sponsorship but then he burned the watermelon.

  • Shegoeshometoacactuss
    Shegoeshometoacactuss Il y a an +3

    Fun Fact: Harry Styles actually wrote watermelon sugar as a response to his disappointment when he tried the watermelon flavour of La Croix.

  • lola
    lola Il y a an +757

    danny: talks about usually having a visually appealing and interesting thumbnail

  • Jasmin Lewis
    Jasmin Lewis Il y a an +3

    Never heard watermelon rind referred to as its “shell” it made kinda uncomfortable ngl

  • I pooped my pants today

    Hey guys, just to clarify, this is Danny's main chanel where he likes to get serious and never drink la croix

  • Dell spelt with a Dell

    If you guys are confused, this is Danny’s second channel. Where he likes to get a little goofier, wackier, and likes to drink la croix

  • Tess DeMarro
    Tess DeMarro Il y a an +1

    so what you’re saying is, the la croix is Watermelon sugar: low

  • v1ntage_traveler
    v1ntage_traveler Il y a an +2

    Danny: “For an hour, which is 60 minutes.”

  • Mia Snyder
    Mia Snyder Il y a an +106

    14 year olds rarely get a big following! I hope you get 1 million soon, also it’s kinda weird you only have a second channel. I recommend making your first channel first.

  • Trevor
    Trevor Il y a an +1

    Can we appreciate how danny keeps us entertained on 3 channels?

  • my mom is making me start a youtube channel

    make a tier list of every la croix flavor

  • ???
    ??? Il y a an +2

    Being a youtube, guys we now know that Danny isn't a youtuber, he's a youtube.

  • Allison
    Allison Il y a an +486

    “Pretty disappointing actually” is exactly how everybody describes every La Croix

  • Antisocial Socialite
    Antisocial Socialite Il y a an +764

    I love how professional Danny is..i know it sounds like a weird flex but it's clear he works long and hard on every upload and never falls victim to lazy content and I respect the self discipline

  • green megamind
    green megamind Il y a an +210

    The drew/Danny combination looks like Paul zimmer..... does that mean it’s actually danny who eats aeroplanes?

  • aesthetic asmr
    aesthetic asmr Il y a an +3

    he can't fix the fallen greg letters but yes, he can paint an entire wall