• Ajoutée 4 mars 2022
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  • Aloha Paradise Girls

    Actually fun fact, when I was born, I got stuck while coming out. Danny was the nurse and he actually helped deliver me even though he wasn’t a registered nurse. What a guy. I am 16 now.

  • AJae
    AJae  +1

    The article being matter-of-fact and written in third-person until it randomly says "Let me tell you that his house is furnished with some great stuff" is peak comedy

  • Li La
    Li La  +2

    Danny is actually a flightattendant too because on my flight to the Netherlands I saw him working in the plane. He also makes the meals himself for the passengers on the airplane, so he is a cook too. But what really shocked me was when I found out through sources that his uncle worked on a vineyard in Italy and had a tragic accident where he slipped on the grapes and died immediately. That's why danny likes to dress up as grapes.

  • Cooly me
    Cooly me  +398

    Danny, no need to be humble, I remember having you as a guest soccer teacher when you were travelling Europe, I can't believe I ever got to meet such a formidable soccer player as you

  • Emile Hendricks

    Damn, Danny's wife's unexplained death and Drew's wife's deployment to Afghanistan. Please keep these guys in your hearts and minds 💔😔.

  • This is Lukas

    I remember when Danny Gonzalez saved my cat from cannibalistic clowns that one time in Globe, Arizona. Man, that was such a good time. I'm pretty sure that was right before Danny became a firefighter.

  • Alec Roberts

    I genuinely cannot stop laughing at the idea of receiving a cryptic letter in the mail and it's just a photo of Danny posing in his kitchen.

  • vermilion
    vermilion  +830

    conspiracy theory: The writers of these articles make all the information horrifically wrong on purpose so youtubers will make videos about it and reveal actual information about themselves

  • sugary‿bloodline

    I met Danny in Hollywood, I was so excited to meet him that I walked up to him, asking for a pic and he just laughs and says no. I was taken back by this and he spat on me, he kicked my grandma and my dog. Such a cruel world we live in.

  • little_sticky_boi

    Danny: we are too scared to put up art

  • Isaac Stevenson

    Funny how Danny is actually from Estonia, and spent years in speech therapy to learn to speak an American accent

  • Jarvis Johnson

    nice shirt bucko

  • Caydie Hoskins

    I feel bad for Danny. He’s still in disbelief that his wife is dead. It’s ok Danny. Let her go. Laura is prolly having the time of her death off of the earth. Danny, you’ll be ok.

  • L.
    L.  +3

    maybe the people who wrote these articles just know things that you don’t, dan

  • Ticrific !

    Idk why but the sentence “Danny was raised an only child in Illinois by his Mexican parents” made me crack up

  • Andrew W.
    Andrew W.  +235

    Fun Fact: Danny Gonzalez is a handyman. The proof: He uses a multitool, more specifically a Gerber Dime, to open his sparkling water. What a man's man he is.

  • Newt the Frog

    Poetry exists in Danny’s shirt reading “trying my best” while he spills non-Lacroix sparkling water over his keyboard

  • {Rãndôm Çøuśin’ś}

    Danny: Keep my wife’s name…OUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!!

  • Alexander R

    I'm shocked Danny has a Mexican quarter in him. Sounds painful to have a coin fused with your flesh

  • Sarah The Woopy Doopy

    Danny: Flips off milk in his “Bad Boy” music video