i finally made a viral tiktok sound (w/ kurtis conner)

  • Ajoutée 17 mars 2022
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  • Emma Nelson

    love how Kurtis just made a video dunking on millennials and then shows off his mug that says cozy vibes

  • Sugar Cube

    I love how Danny and kurtis misunderstand almost every video, it makes this so much funnier 💀

  • tripsplat
    tripsplat  +13

    Danny's little crisis over the offhand soundbite of him going viral when he' d previously put in so much work and effort trying to do just that in the past reminds me of artists online who put a ton of work and time into drawings and digital paintings that only get a bit of attention, and then have little doodles or short comics go viral. It's a funny (if often frustrating) phenomenon that I personally think has to do with relatability and the appreciation of simplicity due to its inherent charm.

  • Amanda Hipwell

    the person who posted the original clip on tiktok comments on almost every video on the sound w/ you guys and seems so sweet. they were so excited about the clip blowing up, i can’t wait for them to see this video

  • Brandi M

    Remember that one time kurtis didn’t give an extra greeting? That’s how hurt I am that Danny didn’t have a sparkling water.

  • BelleFlower15

    "the skull emoji implies she passed away" oh god they're getting old

  • KastiansJoints

    He's finally gotten popular. This is the only time he was popular, he had never been at, say 4-5 million subscribers. I'm so happy this underground artist has made it.

  • Alaina Dannecker

    Kurtis saying “balls” just sounds empty without the Barbie audio echoing after it 😩

  • Dana
    Dana  +1

    they make sleep paralysis seem so much more relaxing than it actually is lol. referring to sleep paralysis demons as “reoccurring characters that we all share” from now on

  • Vanessa Marie

    As a 4'11" girl, I can confirm that sand pours out of me when I'm upside down. It's an inconvenience really

  • Felipe Veloso

    "finally". I love how Danny constantly forgets that he already had at least two viral tik tok sounds, the We Are not the Same Person song and the little cactus joke

  • ariopal
    ariopal  +370

    honestly i’d love to see a video of them just having a random conversation, when they get sidetracked is the funniest part lol

  • softy aroha!!!

    Cant believe drew gooden is finally collabing with an 80's singer again, dreams do come true!

  • Toby's Kpop Top 50

    i was nonstop laughing from the hatman wiki and the old hag moments, you and kurtis have a great chemistry

  • NoahBoa
    NoahBoa  +1

    Danny subtly always being the most creative and ingenious editor. He literally is so amazing at editing. Constantly proving himself behind the scenes too! Love to see it.

  • U.N. Owen
    U.N. Owen  +255

    Take a moment to appreciate Danny's hair. I too have gray hairs (probably because working customer service aged my soul all the way to geriatric), and watching an influencer rocking that fab mane is quite nice.

  • A Hobbit
    A Hobbit  +930

    As a teacher, I feel the need to point out that when we’re on students’ google docs while they’re working, it’s during class and we’re just making sure they’re on-task. We’re not just sitting at home, bored, before deciding to eavesdrop on students lol

  • cesarionoexisto


  • thatasiangirl

    I’m so happy that this indie artist finally got his recognition!!

  • Cam does tennis

    Can you take a moment to appreciate how nice Danny’s sweater is.