Merge Mansion Ads Are Movies Now

  • Ajoutée 7 janv. 2022
  • Merge Mansion ads are now cinematic masterpieces

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  • EndieLOE
    EndieLOE  +13

    The Merge Mansion team just realized that they're better at making films than they are at games. I expect Lilly's Garden full length live action film by next month.

  • Marmalade

    i’ve solved it. she’s just a baker. the knives are for cutting pies, the red stuff on her apron was berries, she was burning her secret recipe, and she was planting seeds in the garden to grow her own berries. she doesn’t want anyone to know she makes pies. you’re welcome gamers😩

  • Jack o'Lantern

    They should just...make a movie. Even if it's a jokey, anti-horror movie. I would totally watch it. Not at all interested in the mobile game tho.

  • Aishwarya Immanuelraj

    i can't believe everyone's shaming an avid knife collector. leave her and her unique hobbies alone.

  • Kain 128

    I hope that someday Merge Mansion goes the whole 9 yards and reworks the game into some suspenseful horror mystery game. Then people would actually want to play it.

  • Elijah Heinrich

    The joke in the first ad is that in the game you "merge" items together to get new items, so in the game it would be completely normal to have a bunch of knives stored in your shed. Also explains the "so many knives, so little time" line that maybe eludes to how long it take to merge stuff or whatever idk

  • McNasty
    McNasty  +15

    also how did they get Kathy Bates to play the grandma? literally an A-list actress.

  • maddy cutts

    danny’s recreation to how raunchy the secret passageways could get genuinely killed me

  • IWantMyBed

    Just btw as someone who has played merge mansion for years now, the whole mystery thing is pretty much a lie. Even if you wanted to get to the ‘secret’ areas, you would need to get to level 43, which is literally impossible at this point in the game. I have absolutely ran out of things to do in the game, and need over 50,000 more XP to get to the next unlock-able area.

  • Isabelle
    Isabelle  +458


  • [Sweater]

    I wanna see Danny get sponsored by merge mansion, then create an equally impressive ad for his sponsorship, just like these and like his music videos. I would love to see that honestly

  • AllyRose
    AllyRose  +232

    Everybody asks what’s grandma hiding? But no one ever asks why’s grandma hiding?

  • James Ein

    I'm no film expert but their use of color in those ads is actually incredible at capturing the feeling of the animated ones

  • Shell Kirk

    Okay, so I am actually obsessed with this game these days… and tbh that first ad made so much sense with actual game. If you merge 2 knives together you get a rake, and the grid that you have to play on is reminiscent of the shed’s tool board in the ad. That being said… these ads as a whole are a weird fever dream for sure. The evil grandmother theme is pretty random for a mind numbing procrastination app.

  • Abby Phay
    Abby Phay  +49

    I love how Danny didn’t notice she baked a file into the pie, implying that she was preparing for prison, and her granddaughter brought the pie to her.

  • Hound Dogg YT

    They are legitimately good. When it showed the knives in the shed I felt a chill up my creepy.

  • Kyler Evanovich

    please let the premise of the movie be that grandma is a super cartooney, overtop murder and it's super obvious. However, everyone is super clueless and it takes the main characters an absurdly long time to figure it out.

  • UniversesixTEEN

    Danny I hate you for missing the fact she PUT A FILE IN THE BOWL WHILE SHE WAS BAKING so when she was brought the pie she could use it to break out of jail. It's genius

  • Milan Toth

    huge props to them tbh. 99% of ads with real people are incredibly cringe, uncreative, and they use the worst actors on this planet. These ads are genuinely good.

  • A P
    A P  +294

    It looks like Kathy Bates had loads of fun with this. It's honestly a blast to watch.